The 12 Villages: DAMMED!

I challenge you to find any other source for info about these villages – in the English language, that is.

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The Twelve Villages of Riam Kanan, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

  1. Tiwingan Lama: Harbour.
  2. Tiwingan Lama: Liang Toman!
  3. Tiwingan Baru: 3 Days in Sungai Luar.
  4. Tiwingan Baru: 3 Days in Bukit Batas.
  5. Apuai: The Vortex of Riam Kanan.
  6. Bunglai: Riam Kanan for Beginners.
  7. Rantau Balai: Beautiful. Remotest. Tough.
  8. Rantau Bujur: Remote & Hospitable.
  9. Arta’in: Green! But Far from Tourist Attraction.
  10. Benua Riam: The Biggest Small Town.
  11. Kala’an Baru: Safe Between Two Rivers.
  12. Belangian: The Meeting Place of Gentle People.
  13. Pa’au: a Village with a Ceremony.

As a Canadian fluent in Bahasa Indonesia (the language of Indonesia) having spent three months down a little-known catchment known as Riam Kanan I was amazed to find that almost nothing has been written about this place in English, and so the job is mine!

In one swoop 9,588+ citizens of the river will have an online identity and with any luck more people will be interested in supporting an economy – not from exploitation of nature but appreciation of it.

Maafkan saya jika ada yang salah.




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